Races will be be held under the International Sailing and Racing Rules as well as special rules for this World Championship:

International FISLY Rules

The special Rules are part of the registration and are shown here for information purpose separatly.

License and Insurance All participating pilots need to have a valid buggy license and must have a personal liability insurance that explicitly covers driving a Kite buggy

Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden for the pilots as well as for the organizing committee or any other party or person involved in the organization during the races. Offending this rule will be punished with immediate disqualification or total exclusion from the event.

The title of Ladies Champion of class 8 is independent from their position in the total ranking. The ranking for the female participants will be kept independently from the male participants. The ranking will be done as if they started in a separate race.

The number of races per day will depend on the weather.

All closed cell kites used with a bar system have to incorporate a two-step safety system, consisting of the main quick release between the kite and the harness and a second-step safety system (e.g. safety leash) attached between the harness and the flag out safety system of the kite (e.g. single front line safety or fifth line). In case the main quick release is activated and the bar system detaches from the harness, the kite has to flag out but still be connected to the harness by the second-step safety system (e.g. safety leash). Only after activation of the second-step safety, the kite may be completely disconnected from the pilot. It is not allowed to fly without second-step safety and without flag out system, e.g. no safety leash or safety leash only attached to chicken loop, so the kite will only depower but not flag out.
In case of tangles with other kites during races, activation of the safety system has to be communicated between the entangled pilots.

A general briefing will be held every morning. The presence of the pilots will be checked at that time. Pilots not present at this time will be prohibited to participate in the races of that day. During race briefings prior to race again all pilots have to attend. At the end of each race day there will be a closing briefing. Like in the morning the presence of all pilots will be confirmed. If a pilot is not present he will receive a double penalty. If a pilot has a pressing need to be absent he will need to get permission from the race team in advance.

On the beach

  • Keep out of the dunes and stick to the access way as per description.
  • Driving the Kitebuggy is only allowed in the designated area and during daylight hours.
  • The Kitebuggy area you can find in the location description.
  • Please note that there is protected area for the seals.
  • Please don’t drive your buggy behind this line and no kite surfing in the sea near the seals.
  • Private vehicles are not allowed on the beach.
  • Is forbiden to go to natural zone near Graveline
  • Be careful if a jumper is on the beach